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Visio Divina

Visio Divina ‘lectio Divina  I was first introduced to lectio Divina when I was at Worship Academy, and Andrew Bromley was talking about going back to the original and looking at ways we can read the bible. He talked about the history and how it’s been used and now how it’s still an ancient practice and how he uses it.  I then came  accross people who use the lectio method for drawing and how it can be used for drawing. Here I have done a series of you tube videos taking you through each step.i have done each step so you don’t have to pause the video and try to find steps. And also you can take a breather in between eachAnd then there’s also no schedule that’s strict. So if the process take you a week that is also great.  You tube link to introduction. You tube link to step 1  You tube link to step no 2 you tube link to step 3 You tube link to st…

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