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Book Review -Saying Yes  Back in 2012, or there abouts, I read Cindy Wests's book, Saying Yes: accepting God's amazing invitation to artists and the church which she wrote in 2008 .  I loved it and I love Cindy.  Through some mutual friends we connected and she came to England from Colorado US and spoke at our little retreat in Harby, a little village in Leicestershire.   Since then I have collected and read every book on Christian prophetic art I could get my hands on.  I am now reading a book published this year which is like a text book for artists by another friend, JÖrn Lange,  Biblical Foundations for Prophetic Art .  My bookshelf is full and I am looking to cull some books.  I thought I should reread them to see if any were worth keeping.  Donna and I read a lot and we share our reading with other Christian artists.  It is time to blog our reviews so a wider group of people can get inspired.  Although,  Saying Yes , is

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